Hidden Mothers

Hey all! The other day my section was caught discussing the major creep factor of Victorian photography in general. I consider myself to be a bit of a history lover, so I delve further into the crazy phenomenon. I found this new debate on the meaning behind the Veiled Mothers photographs here.

If you get “creeped out” easily, then please don’t venture here! I was only safe going through the day before being reminded of The Woman In Black. I suppose these photos might be the major inspiration for that movie a well. Anyways, if you find this at least a little interesting let me know in the comments. I might be able to find more!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Mothers

  1. Yeah that’s creepy for sure! I think that some of those kids are alive (there was one older one who looked to me like she was and one with a blurred hand) and then some of them are not (there was one with a puffy face). I guess we will never know for sure! It’s just so weird to look at a photograph and not know if the subjects are alive or dead! If we were at Hogwarts instead of UMW then this question would not be an issue since pictures would be able to talk and move!

  2. But then again…on second thought, the article did say that the main goal of the photographer was to make the dead subject look a lifelike as possible! So maybe we are all just being tricked by a good artist?

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