Alice in Fashion

Branching off of what Ellie mentioned about Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue, Alice in Wonderland is a frequent fashion and art inspiration!

This is the link to another spread of Alice from Vogue in April, 2005:

This is to a magazine that was completely inspired by Alice:

This website has 55 Alice in Wonderland inspired photos!:

This is a spread from Vogue Italia:

This is a link to a spread of a children’s fashion line inspired by Alice:

This is to a tumblr account entirely dedicated to Alice in Wonderland

These are from various magazines:,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNHCavTl4i6UORucE6VrVmJIfMi59Q&ust=1448311709250815,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNHCavTl4i6UORucE6VrVmJIfMi59Q&ust=1448311709250815

I’m sorry that there are so many links, but once I started looking for more fashion and art things about Alice, I found myself going farther and farther down the rabbit hole! These are very interesting though, and I did not expect to find such a plethora examples of Alice inspired fashion and art!


As announced on the Alice Adventure Bus:

This Friday, 10/23, we will give the class period to discussion and analysis of the play.  Be prepared to talk not only about what you liked or didn’t like but also in more sophisticated ways about interpretation, a topic we will be turning to a lot in the next several weeks as we discuss illustration and film.

For Monday, 10/26, everyone should have read through page 250 in the Benjamin book, which keeps us on schedule.  On the VERY off chance that you are behind in your reading (not mentioning any names, but Jack and Andrew), this will give you time to catch up also.

Philosophy Readings

What did everyone think about the essays we had to read? Was there a certain one that specifically pulled in, you really agreed or disagreed with? For me personally, I found the piece about the Cheshire Cat in Rick Mayock’s essay interesting. I had never considered before the silent interaction between Alice and the cat and how this affects the rest of the novel.

Alice at 150

I’ve mentioned a few times that AIW is 150 years old this year, which has led to projects like this and exhibits like this.  Because Harvard owns a lot of Lewis Carroll materials, The Boston Globe has been printing articles about the books and author.  Claire’s mom has been sending her clippings that Claire shared with me.  I couldn’t access some of them online for everyone to see, but I did get this one about the incredible number of translations of the Alice books: article on alice translations. I was actually lucky enough to see the Harvard exhibit in person this summer, so I’m also including here a few of my own (not very good) photos:

LC's original illustrations

LC’s original illustrations and text

The binding chosen by LC

The binding chosen by LC

First American edition of AIW

First American edition of AIW

Alice as a Guinness beer ad

Alice as a Guinness beer ad

LC alice game Harvard 2015

1932 theater production

1932 theater production

a German lampoon

a German lampoon

AIW in shorthand

AIW in shorthand

LC alice ill variants 2 Harvard 2015

LC alice nabokov trans Harvard 2015

Seaside edition?

Seaside edition?

LC for Japan Harvard 2015LC in Japanese Harvard 2015

LSD tabs

LSD tabs. Woah.



Welcome to Wonderland

alice and rabbitWhen Alice follows the White Rabbit, she has no idea that the world in which she will soon find herself will challenge nearly all that she knows: how to

navigate from one place to another,

interpret words that sound like English but seem to be nonsensical,

solve problems and puzzles,

gain authority when everyone else seems to have great power,

                     make herself heard,

protect herself,

determine which rules to follow and which to challenge,

                                                                                           judge whose advice is trustworthy,

and interrogate the very nature of things without losing her own self.

In all of these ways, her experience is arguably a lot like … well … College.

book tunnelJUMP.