Jordan’s Advice

Well first off I would like to say congratulations for almost finishing your second week of the first year of college! You might be thinking, Geez, it’s only the second week?, lol trust me college goes by so fast. Pretty soon you will be planning for your senior year. With that said I want to leave you all with some advice that I have been taught from others and learned along my journey in college.

1. Use your resources on campus- UMW provides great resources for students. My favorite include The Speaking center, Writing Center and most of all the Library Research Desk and my Professor office hours. Going to Professor’s office hours will be a major way to succeed in college. Even if it is to just talk about life, discuss a project, a paper, really anything. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have camped outside my professor’s offices waiting for them to talk about papers and brainstorming (Scanlon lol).  By going to office hours you not only do better in class but you make a better connection with your professor. Some professors have candy and fruit you can eat too 🙂

2. Academics are most important but don’t forget to take a break to have fun- Being a full time student is a lot of work. School does need to me a number one priority but don’t overwhelm yourself or stress yourself out too much. Remember college is the best time of your life make it count. Fredericksburg has so many awesome things to do as well. Anything downtown is fun. I especially like going to Carl’s (ice cream shop), and Benny’s where you can get a slice of pizza the size of your arm. Also, central park has a lot of shopping and restaurants. Some fun things on campus I like to do, is go to ReelDeals where you can the new movies that come out for $1! Really, there is always something to do on campus as well as off campus.

3. Best spot to study-  If your like me, you want somewhere to study where it is completely silent and no one is around to talk or distract you. My favorite place is the 2nd or 3rd floors of the library. It is literally dead silent up there and no distractions. You can always reserve a room if you needed too!

I know you all have your speeches coming up! Use those resources! The speaking center is a great one to go and practice before talking in front of the class. They can also help you brainstorm and create main points of the speech. I am also around any time to work one on one with you all! I would love to practice with you and go over ideas!