As announced on the Alice Adventure Bus:

This Friday, 10/23, we will give the class period to discussion and analysis of the play.  Be prepared to talk not only about what you liked or didn’t like but also in more sophisticated ways about interpretation, a topic we will be turning to a lot in the next several weeks as we discuss illustration and film.

For Monday, 10/26, everyone should have read through page 250 in the Benjamin book, which keeps us on schedule.  On the VERY off chance that you are behind in your reading (not mentioning any names, but Jack and Andrew), this will give you time to catch up also.

Welcome to Wonderland

alice and rabbitWhen Alice follows the White Rabbit, she has no idea that the world in which she will soon find herself will challenge nearly all that she knows: how to

navigate from one place to another,

interpret words that sound like English but seem to be nonsensical,

solve problems and puzzles,

gain authority when everyone else seems to have great power,

                     make herself heard,

protect herself,

determine which rules to follow and which to challenge,

                                                                                           judge whose advice is trustworthy,

and interrogate the very nature of things without losing her own self.

In all of these ways, her experience is arguably a lot like … well … College.

book tunnelJUMP.