The full syllabus is here: FSEM_100M9_MScanlon_201508

The modified end-of-semester syllabus is here: Modified Course Schedule f15


Week 1

M Aug 24                Introductions

W Aug 26              Tech training: BRING YOUR LAPTOP

F Aug 28               Carroll, “Phantasmagoria” 671-708 and Brooker, “The Many Lives of LC” (blog)

Week 2

M Aug 31              Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 19-41; throughout, refer to Milner, “Poems of Alice in Wonderland” (blog)

W Sept 2               Carroll, Wonderland 41-66; Module due by midnight: Handling Communication Apprehension

F Sept 4                Carroll, Wonderland 67-83; Module due by midnight: The Writing Process

Week 3

M Sept 7               Carroll, Wonderland 83-99; Module due by midnight: Effective Visual Aids

W Sept 9               Carroll, Wonderland 99-113 and Knapp, Philosophy 47-58

F Sept 11              Speeches on Childhood and Memory

Week 4

M Sept 14             Speeches on Childhood and Memory

W Sept 16             Speeches on Childhood and Memory

F Sept 18              Class will meet on the 4th floor of the ITCC for tours of the Writing, Speaking, and Digital Knowledge Centers

Sunday, Sept 20           Modules due by midnight: Checking for CRAAP, Deconstructing Citations AND Library Orientation Tutorial

Week 5

M Sept 21             Meet in Simpson Library 225B for research orientation with Peter Catlin (MAY BRING LAPTOP)

W Sept 23             Carroll as photographer: Wullschläger, “Victorian Images of Childhood” (blog); Princeton University photos Series I, II, and III (link from blog)

Sept 25                 Carroll as photographer; Hollingsworth, “Improvising Spaces” (blog); UT-Austin photos (link from blog); Module due by midnight: Punctuation (Commas and Semicolons)

Week 6

M Sept 28             Advising session with Charles Tate: BRING YOUR LAPTOP.

W Sept 30             Carroll, Alice Through the Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There 119-139 and Shores, Philosophy 197-211

F Oct 2                 Carroll, Looking-Glass 139-158

Week 7

M Oct 5                Carroll, Looking-Glass 158-181

W Oct 7                Carroll, Looking-Glass 181-202

F Oct 9                 Carroll, Looking-Glass 202-237 and Lloyd, Philosophy 7-18. Alice on the Page essay due at midnight.

Saturday, Oct 10          All modules disabled at midnight

Week 8

M Oct 12              Fall Break

W Oct 14              Philosophical Readings: Mayock, Philosophy 153-166; Brown, Philosophy 79-91; Shea, Philosophy 93-106

F Oct 16               Psychoanalytic Readings: Goldschmidt, Schilder, and Bloomingdale essays (blog)

Week 9

M Oct 19              Benjamin, Alice I Have Been 1-71 and Liddell brief bio (blog); ; special topics for LRA must be cleared with Dr. Scanlon by today

W Oct 21              Benjamin 72-134 and UVa photos of Alice Liddell (link from blog)


Alice in Wonderland

Wednesday October 21, evening

Synetic Theater

F Oct 23               Benjamin 135-179

Week 10

M Oct 26               Benjamin 180-250

W Oct 28              Benjamin 251-289; LRA bibliography due by midnight

F Oct 30               Benjamin 290-345

Week 11

M Nov 2                Illustrating Alice: read/study these blog links: 1) Tenniel’s Illustrations; 2) Illustrations of Alice (Popova); 3) Illustrators of Alice (note: this alphabetical one has a second grouping that can be linked to from the very bottom of the page)

W Nov 4                Alice on screen

F Nov 6                 Alice on screen

Week 12

M Nov 9                Research presentations 

W Nov 11              Research presentations

F Nov 13               Research presentations


Week 13

M Nov 16              Whiting, Philosophy 107-121; Westmoreland, Philosophy 167-180

W Nov 18              Fensch, “LC: The First Acidhead” (blog); Parker, Philosophy 137-151; Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit” (blog)

F Nov 20               mns at an academic conference; class will not meet        

Week 14

M Nov 23              Dr. Scanlon available for paper consultations in Combs 335. Alice on the Screen essay due at midnight.

W Nov 25              Thanksgiving Break

F Nov 27               Thanksgiving Break

Week 15

M Nov 30              Carroll, “The Hunting of the Snark” 753-788

W Dec 2                Alice: children’s literature? Debate.

F Dec 4                 Course wrap up; final project assigned

Reading Days and Finals Week

Sunday, December 6 at midnight: the course blog will “close” for posts and comments that count toward participation.

Friday, December 11 at 11:00 a.m.: all final projects must be submitted absolutely no later than this time.