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Overall, what has been the most interesting thing that we have discussed this semester regarding the various interpretations of Alice in Wonderland?  Also, has this class changed your attitude towards Alice in Wonderland or do you see it the same as you did in the beginning of the semester?

Alice in Fashion

Branching off of what Ellie mentioned about Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue, Alice in Wonderland is a frequent fashion and art inspiration!

This is the link to another spread of Alice from Vogue in April, 2005: http://www.vogue.com/869135/from-the-archives-once-upon-a-time-in-vogue/

This is to a magazine that was completely inspired by Alice: http://graemagazine.com/?p=597

This website has 55 Alice in Wonderland inspired photos!: http://brasky.org/55-photographs-of-alice-in-wonderland-inspired-costumes-fashion-shoots/

This is a spread from Vogue Italia: http://www.vogue.it/en/magazine/daily-news/2010/03/alice-in-wonderland

This is a link to a spread of a children’s fashion line inspired by Alice: http://www.smudgetikka.com/fashion/alice-in-wonderland-kids-fashion-inspired-shoot-for-collezioni-magazine/

This is to a tumblr account entirely dedicated to Alice in Wonderlandhttps://www.tumblr.com/tagged/alice-in-wonderland-inspired-fashion

These are from various magazines:




I’m sorry that there are so many links, but once I started looking for more fashion and art things about Alice, I found myself going farther and farther down the rabbit hole! These are very interesting though, and I did not expect to find such a plethora examples of Alice inspired fashion and art!

3 Reasons why I believe Alice in Wonderland is really for children

First, it is very easy for people to distort and pervert ideas when they know background information of the author. People can over analyze the novel and compare it to aspects of Lewis Carroll’s life. An example would be about the rumor that he was an opiate user and thats why there are supposed drug references in the novel like the Caterpillar’s hookah, and the mushrooms that make her change.
Something else I had thought of was: why can’t it just be a book full of nonsense dedicated to a child? Personally, it is hard to believe that the story means anything else since we’ve studied Lewis Carroll. People tend to love scandalous rumors so everything about Lewis Carroll and his fictitious works become more interesting when you have a ‘taboo’ reasoning behind the creation of Alice and Through the Looking Glass.
My third reason why I believe Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Through the Looking Glass were written for children is the content. All the characters are from fairy tales such as the Jabberwock and the Gryphon to name a few. All the rest are characters designed to be interesting to the young readers. Besides the made up, interesting characters, the way Carroll parodies poems such as “Father William” and “Against Idleness and Mischief” is to make them more entertaining for the intended audience, the children.

Alice and Avril

I remember when I first watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland this song was my favorite, to the point I listened to it on a loop.  It just kind of made me feel like I was Alice and in Wonderland and on this adventure.  However, listening to it now and watching the video, I feel different.

To me, the song makes it sound like Wonderland is actually fighting against her, and I got this through the lyrics “It can’t stop me now,” and “I will survive.” It shows how maybe Wonderland is not really this magically and innocent land–which is very Tim Burton-esque. I liked how clips from the movie are actually incorporated in the video, but I mean it was advertisement for the movie and the song was written for it so.

Other than the lyrics, I thought it was interesting to see Avril Lavigne as Alice, and a more gothic one.  One thing that kinda of caught my attention was that at the end of the music video, “Alice” (Avril) does not wake up and is out of Wonderland, but she physically runs out of Wonderland, she escapes it and gets away on her own.  This was just all really interesting to me.  I would love to hear what you guys think about this music video.

Chess board

Before returning to school on Sunday, my mom and I decided to browse some shops in downtown Fredericksburg.  One of the shops we went into had this really cool chess board.  It reminded me of the chess game in Through the Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There, mainly because of the colors. Chess board

Alice references

I used to live overseas so I got to hear the weirdest music over the years.  One of my favorite bands, who are English, called ‘Take that’, one of the members left the group a couple years ago.  He began to sing by himself and he had some good songs.  What does this have to do with Alice in wonderland?  Well one of his songs, ‘Know me’ actually references to Alice in wonderland in the music video. I’m pretty sure the song has nothing to do with the video however…see for yourself below.

(WARNING: there is suggestive material}

I know some other songs that relate to Alice so expect more in the future.

Just a Quick Thought

This Alice debate starting making me wonder whether or not my classmates and peers see Carroll’s duel-series as a children’s book or something more. I myself, am beginning to believe the latter. What are your thoughts? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

Alice’s Mind

The Hunting of the Snark

Today in class Professor Scanlon asked us to talk about how The Hunting of the Snark can be an allegory for fear and annihilation and I had a thought kind of strike me, but I was not quite sure how to back it up or really discuss it.  It has been stuck with me all day and I have been trying to figure it out.

For me, when Professor Scanlon asked us this question, I thought about the Snark being our fears and the hunt to find it is our way of facing our fears, but we get so hung up on getting over our fears and facing them, that they end up destorying us anyway–therefore the Baker’s disappearence at the end.  I’m still not really sure how to expand on this and show it more through the text itself, but it is an idea.  I would love to see what everyone else thinks now that we are not in class, early, and while it’s raining.

Kendall Jenner as Alice

In other news, Kendall Jenner posed as Alice for a spread in the December edition of Vogue. Here are a few of the images, what do you guys think? Do you think she captures the Alice that we know from the story or is Kendall portraying more of the Alice we see in movies/mainstream media? Curious and Curiouser

Personally, I love the Caterpillar in the images and I also love how high fashion the photo’s are (what a surprise in Vogue); however, I dont know if I would consider this to be of Alice as we would see her in the books.

rs_1024x706-151117083459-Kendall-Jenner-Vogue-3 CUCcTqTUcAAoRjz kendall-wonderland-december-5