Just curious!

Overall, what has been the most interesting thing that we have discussed this semester regarding the various interpretations of Alice in Wonderland?  Also, has this class changed your attitude towards Alice in Wonderland or do you see it the same as you did in the beginning of the semester?


Since we have been watching various Alice movies for our paper, do you all enjoy the movies more that follow the original story or do you all prefer the ones that differ?  Why?

I honestly like the ones that differ from the original version because I enjoy seeing how other people interpreted Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and how they envisioned Wonderland.

Goldschmidt and Sexual References

After reading the Goldschmidt reading, I felt very uneasy about Alice in Wonderland and honestly Carroll’s sanity.  Goldschmidt described this children’s story as being very erotic and intimate.  I began to question the whole making of Alice in Wonderland.  Do you believe that Carroll really designed this book to be so sexual or do you think Goldschmidt is thinking way outside the box?

Lion and the Unicorn

For the Lion and the Unicorn chapter, I realized that if the Lion and Unicorn are considered royalty, why would they be treating a servant (Alice) so nicely?  Royalty does not typically have the reputation of treating servants fairly, so why Alice?