Just a Quick Thought

This Alice debate starting making me wonder whether or not my classmates and peers see Carroll’s duel-series as a children’s book or something more. I myself, am beginning to believe the latter. What are your thoughts? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

Alice’s Mind

Alice’s Nightmare


Not quite sure how I came across this photo, but it is quite possibly one of the creepiest cartoon images I’ve seen of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  The first part of this I found to be weird was Alice’s knife, which is really odd because her character is seen as innocent and straying away from things of that nature. Although she does kick Mr. Lizard-Bill out of the fireplace, she is relatively pacifistic. Secondly, the Mad Hatter has a “6/66” on his hat, which is clearly associated with the devil or satanic dealings. And to me, he looks pretty possessed and scary with those teeth and crazy eyes. Although, it could be form the mercury poisoning. Definitely worth staring at this photo for a while and figuring out what each character represents. 

Just A Thought

After Friday’s class, I couldn’t help but wonder what Lewis Carroll would think if he had the opportunity to see Disney’s interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”. Would he be mad at the fact that Alice had long blonde hair, rather than short brown hair and bangs? Or would he love the childish, yet complex delight that we all so cherished as 90’s children(although the Disney movie came out in 1951)? Opinions?


Animated Alice

Blonde Alice vs. Alice Liddell