Alice in Fashion

Branching off of what Ellie mentioned about Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue, Alice in Wonderland is a frequent fashion and art inspiration!

This is the link to another spread of Alice from Vogue in April, 2005:

This is to a magazine that was completely inspired by Alice:

This website has 55 Alice in Wonderland inspired photos!:

This is a spread from Vogue Italia:

This is a link to a spread of a children’s fashion line inspired by Alice:

This is to a tumblr account entirely dedicated to Alice in Wonderland

These are from various magazines:,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNHCavTl4i6UORucE6VrVmJIfMi59Q&ust=1448311709250815,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNHCavTl4i6UORucE6VrVmJIfMi59Q&ust=1448311709250815

I’m sorry that there are so many links, but once I started looking for more fashion and art things about Alice, I found myself going farther and farther down the rabbit hole! These are very interesting though, and I did not expect to find such a plethora examples of Alice inspired fashion and art!

Philosophy Readings

What did everyone think about the essays we had to read? Was there a certain one that specifically pulled in, you really agreed or disagreed with? For me personally, I found the piece about the Cheshire Cat in Rick Mayock’s essay interesting. I had never considered before the silent interaction between Alice and the cat and how this affects the rest of the novel.

Reaction to the photograph and reading

I just finished reading the article about Carroll as a photographer and looking at the photos, and now I feel a little bit disturbed. Both the article and the photos have also helped to sway my opinion back to thinking that Carroll was possibly a pedophile because of some of the language that he would use in the letters, such as asking to see the young child drawn without any clothes on. Personally, I feel like that screams “Weirdo!”, but then I also remember that during this time it was very common to take photographs of people naked, so maybe it is not really that strange. I would love to hear some other people’s opinions on the topic so I can have a little broader perspective on this!