Chess board

Before returning to school on Sunday, my mom and I decided to browse some shops in downtown Fredericksburg.  One of the shops we went into had this really cool chess board.  It reminded me of the chess game in Through the Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There, mainly because of the colors. Chess board

UMW Theatre

While Beth and I were exploring around campus, we walked into duPont where Klein Theatre is.  In the hallway right outside of the theatre, they have various photos from plays they have done throughout the years.  While browsing these photos, we discovered that they have done Alice in Wonderland twice: once in 1912 and the other time in 1966.  Alice in Wonderland 1912

Alice in Wonderland 1966

The first photo is from their production of the play in 1912 and the second photo is from their production of the play in 1966.

We thought we’d share this! All the photos they have there are very interesting.  They have put on a lot of plays.  But it’s interesting and cool for our purposes that they have put this show on twice!


While reading chapters 2 and 3 for class tomorrow, we come across the theme of identity as being very prominent in “Through the Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There”.  We saw identity as a large theme in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (especially when she was talking to the caterpillar and reciting what she thought she knew/should know) and it is now again showing up in Looking-Glass (when she talks to the Gnat and is in the woods with the fawn).  This seems to be a strong theme in Carroll’s works.  Any ideas or suggestions as to why?