3 Reasons why I believe Alice in Wonderland is really for children

First, it is very easy for people to distort and pervert ideas when they know background information of the author. People can over analyze the novel and compare it to aspects of Lewis Carroll’s life. An example would be about the rumor that he was an opiate user and thats why there are supposed drug references in the novel like the Caterpillar’s hookah, and the mushrooms that make her change.
Something else I had thought of was: why can’t it just be a book full of nonsense dedicated to a child? Personally, it is hard to believe that the story means anything else since we’ve studied Lewis Carroll. People tend to love scandalous rumors so everything about Lewis Carroll and his fictitious works become more interesting when you have a ‘taboo’ reasoning behind the creation of Alice and Through the Looking Glass.
My third reason why I believe Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Through the Looking Glass were written for children is the content. All the characters are from fairy tales such as the Jabberwock and the Gryphon to name a few. All the rest are characters designed to be interesting to the young readers. Besides the made up, interesting characters, the way Carroll parodies poems such as “Father William” and “Against Idleness and Mischief” is to make them more entertaining for the intended audience, the children.

One thought on “3 Reasons why I believe Alice in Wonderland is really for children

  1. I really enjoyed reading your take on how you believed that Alice in Wonderland is just a children’s novel, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe that many people over analyze books sometimes. I can see where some of the references make sense for the novel being more than a children’s book, for example the drug culture references, but I also see the whimsical side of Alice in Wonderland and it makes it very childlike with the characters and language.

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