Alice and Avril

I remember when I first watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland this song was my favorite, to the point I listened to it on a loop.  It just kind of made me feel like I was Alice and in Wonderland and on this adventure.  However, listening to it now and watching the video, I feel different.

To me, the song makes it sound like Wonderland is actually fighting against her, and I got this through the lyrics “It can’t stop me now,” and “I will survive.” It shows how maybe Wonderland is not really this magically and innocent land–which is very Tim Burton-esque. I liked how clips from the movie are actually incorporated in the video, but I mean it was advertisement for the movie and the song was written for it so.

Other than the lyrics, I thought it was interesting to see Avril Lavigne as Alice, and a more gothic one.  One thing that kinda of caught my attention was that at the end of the music video, “Alice” (Avril) does not wake up and is out of Wonderland, but she physically runs out of Wonderland, she escapes it and gets away on her own.  This was just all really interesting to me.  I would love to hear what you guys think about this music video.

One thought on “Alice and Avril

  1. I remember when watching the movie and hearing this song, it definitely gives off a dangerous/creepy vibe, in the sense that Wonderland is more of a dangerous place that Alice needs to escape and it’s not as easy as just waking up. The lyrics and the visuals give off a sense that Alice is in danger. It shows a much darker side to Wonderland, just as the Synetic theatre play did.

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